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What Earth Day means to me…

April 23, 2012

Earth Day represents a fundamental change in thinking, and a radical shift to the global perspective on protection of our only true natural resource, the planet Earth.  Founded somewhere in the 1969/1970 timeframe, the United States led the charge, and this event is now celebrated in more than 141 countries around the globe.  The shift in public view has impacted every area of our daily lives, from manufacturing to agriculture, all the way to advertising and consumerism.  The way we look at what we make, use, eat, and buy has been fundamentally altered from the views of just one or two generations prior.  We have a long way to go before we are really doing good by this planet that has taken such good care of the human race, but my four year old knows to recycle, and she turns off the lights not in use around the house, and she LOVES being green. I am thankful for progressive manufacturers, organically grown produce, and the general emergence of new and innovative ways we are finding to accomplish tasks that were once significantly detrimental to the environment.  I am grateful to those who have led the way, and the innovators who continue to fight to discover zero impact methods to accomplish the things we take for granted these days, namely electricity production, personal rapid transportation, and general computing.  If not for these forward thinking pioneers, we could be in much worse shape than we are today… 


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